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A GRANDVUE PRODUCTION: In the spring of 2003, I had the privilege of meeting John Borst, a documentary filmmaker and owner of Grandvue Productions. After hearing the plans we had for our Legends of the Negro Leagues program, John committed to telling our story… a story wrapped tightly in the great history of Negro Leagues Baseball. We have enjoyed working with John on this project and are extremely grateful for his dedication and service to this awesome cause.

Please take a look at the special vignettes that appear on this site, ALSO be sure to take a look at the movie trailer entitled:

- Celebrating Baseball’s Negro Leagues –


Cangemi Art Studios

Cangemi Art: The caricatures that appear on the trading cards and pages throughout the NLB Living Legends portion of the web site were created by Gary Cangemi of Cangemi Art Studios. Each caricature was drawn to colorfully represent a Living Legend’s favorite hobby, a activity, or in some cases a special interest. Gary is the creative genius who has brought to us “Umbert” the world’s first syndicated pro-life, prenatal cartoon baby. These cartoons proclaim the message of life and can be seen by logging onto www.umberttheunborn.com . Thank you for your great work and support!


Lighting Maintenance Incorporated

Lighting Maintenance, Incorporated: As the day to print the trading cards approached, it was uncertain that the funds necessary to proceed would be available. Very special thanks to my friends Mike and Hillary at Lighting Maintenance, Incorporated for their kindness and generous support. Lighting Maintenance provides a full line of lighting and electrical services to customers in the Washington, Maryland, and Virginia areas. We are grateful for their support. We encourage you to get to know LMI and support their efforts to provide the finest lighting services available anywhere. Visit them today by logging onto http://www.lightingmaintenance.com


People in Connection: In the early summer of 2008, BLC hired People in Connection’s Web Services Dept. to revitalize our official Legends of the Negro Leagues website. It was paramount that the site offered an easy-read, user friendly portal through which we could share our NLB Living Legends stories and then effortlessly facilitate ecommerce needs like special auctions and memorabilia/merchandise sales. There work has helped put us in on track to accomplish our long standing mission. For information on how to benefit from services like these log onto www.peopleinconnection.com.


Value Added Resources: In the fall of 2007, we crossed paths with VAR’s President, Peter Capezio. Value Added Resources specializes in invigorating and/or revitalizing business practices through consultation and task oriented timetable management and accountability. His knowledge and expertise in these areas are rooted in years of Fortune 500 experience; creatively shared upon the pages of several books that he has authored. We are quick studies... Baseball in Living Color is on task – “Branding” our niche in the marketplace - more determined now than ever to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and to fulfill the mission upon which we built this company. We so appreciate the professionalism that Peter has brought to our effort. To find out how Peter can help your company realize its greatest potential log onto http://www.valueaddedresources.net/.


Order John Holway's Book Now!

John Holway: We want to acknowledge Mr. John B. Holway. He is quite an accomplished author. His book titled The Complete Book of Baseball’s Negro Leagues: The Other Half of Baseball History has been a tremendous resource to our effort. It is his seventh book that presents fascinating Negro Leagues history. His research and writing abilities read extremely well and present a clear understanding of the Negro Leagues. We thank you for offering this great work for use and reference to our own Legends of the Negro Leagues Program.


Amereon Press: Amereon Press is the publisher of the book The Negro Baseball Leagues, A Photographic History written by Phil Dixon with Patrick J. Hannigan. This great volume of history was a motivating factor for the Legends of the Negro Leagues Program. Its coupling of Negro Leagues information with volumes of photographs makes this book a must read… a fabulous source and reference for Negro Leagues Baseball history. We thank you for offering this great work for use and reference to our own Legends of the Negro Leagues Program.


Stellar Publishing: The Stellar Publishing Corporation was very helpful in the early development of the program’s official website. It seemed an insurmountable task to organize all of this great history, trading card personalities and the background experiences that brought the program to life. Thanks for helping us get the ball rolling! We are truly grateful for your hard work and support. To visit the home of Stellar Publishing’s equestrian trading card collection, log onto http://www.goldenhorseshu.com


Pictobooks: http://www.pictobooks.com


NASA: North American Sports-card Authenticators is a premier trading card grading company located in Ontario, Canada. We are grateful to Guy Stoppard for his professionalism in grading and encapsulating some of our Negro Leagues Baseball Living Legends trading cards.

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