At the time of the autographing tour, our Negro Leagues Baseball Legends ranged between 60 and 91 years of age.

*Five of our Negro Leagues Baseball Legends appearing in the trading card collections perished before the trading cards were delivered from the printing press. At the start of the autograph tour, several of our Negro Leagues Baseball Legends were not doing too well. Where an attempt to perform an autograph was made, we used the card (it represents the best that he could do in that moment - illustrates the hardship/state of health that he had come to know and accept). In several instances we were unable to collect personal autographs all of their cards. In these cases, personally autographed cards were placed into the collections beginning at 001, 002, 003 and so on… until all of the personally autographed cards were used up. The remaining collections received a trading card bearing a black foil stamped impression of the Legends autograph (created during the printing process). This action is duly noted on each collections Certificate of Authenticity – (completed personally by BLC GM Jim Burgess).

That being noted; the contents of our Signature Series Trading Card Collections range from a high of 54 personal autographs with 5 foil stamped inserts in SSTCC001 to a low of 48 personal autographs with 11 foil stamped inserts in SSTCC600. So, the sooner you place your order the more personal autographs you’ll get!

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